The Hardest Part Of Ending Is Starting Again

To do it rightly: Let kids be kids

“Oh show us a photo of Otis, @m_shinoda”, “How are your twins doing, Chester?”, “What’s “Thing1&Thing2”?”, “Brad has kids, we want to see photos!”, “What? Phoenix wife’s expecting another child? I hope we will see some amazing shots ^__^”

These are some of the quotes of what has been posted on tumblr, twitter and some Linkin Park related fansites.

Before I’ll start my essay I guess I need to give you some information about myself: I’m going to be a teacher for collage-pupils in Germany, which means I’ll have to deal with kids from bad to good or extraordinary households and have to combine these “differences” to make it into a good and lovely class atmosphere.

That’s not always easy, because – and I guess you’ll see a reflection of yourself there – these kids are around from 12 to 30 years old (belongs to class type – let it be a job-educational class, let it be a grounding class to fulfill the school time they need to do). So it’s clear and safe to say: To handle these classes you’ll need a good knowledge and a large basement build from specific books, the passion to do and the realization of personal experiences to the actual situation.

Due to voluntary school periods I give nowadays (to give myself an easier start in 2015 (that’s when I’m officially finished with studying) I have got a really really sweeping and thought-provoking situation which some (of course not everyone) Linkin Park-Fans (mostly called “Fangirls”) should notice – and hopefully will learn (at least a bit) about.

I’ve given a mathematic lesson in class of one of my friends. There’s a little boy in this class (I’ll not tell you his or his family name! Don’t even try to ask me) which father is a very very famous actor in Germany. I’m sure everyone from Germany knows him. Coming to the main aspect of this situation: His father owns baby photos, photos of him growing up and so on. Nothing’s bad about it. I guess every father/mother/family has photos of his/her/their children, would wonder if not. But he/his wife/both together (I don’t know it exactly) published these photos on his website and so far on the internet.

Of course you might say “It’s okay, it is his/her/their decision” – it’s ok. But – and now here’s the big bad BUT: Nowadays this boy is part of a class which totally ignores him. His class mates and their family know him from these pictures, videos, etc. He’s standing at an edge not knowing what might happen next. Everytime he’s saying a word his class mates make fun of him, sometimes saying something like “Hey Rich-Boy, could your father pay my mums new tits?” Incredible, isn’t it? A 10-year-old child doesn’t earn a situation like that. He’s standing alone on the school yard, not playing around, just kicking stones. Sitting in the last row, he’s trying to solve the tasks by himself. This – silent – boy, you can guess, doesn’t have good oral marks. Unfortunately oral marks are counting 60% for the total mark in a subject (at least in Germany). That’s why his school certificate is below-average.

At this day I’ve given the lesson I had the chance to catch this boy after the lesson and I talked with him. Not about his family and fathers career. Just about whether he likes school and what’s his favorite lesson. He simply answered: I like school, but I don’t like getting pointed by the other pupils. I don’t know what I do wrong. And my favorite lesson is art. I like to paint, there‘s silence.”

Honestly – would you expect this answer from a 10-year-old child? Hopefully not!

You see – this kid has a huge problem, he lives in a social environment which isn’t social to him. If you watch for him on the school yard he is looking from left to right – sometimes in a frantic way. I don’t know what else has happened that he behaves in this (somehow) paranoid way.

You know it will be not easy to help his little (innocent!) child in these days. Time, a sympathetic ear and good advices (to help him finding the right way – not to solve the problem!) and of course a deep talk to his parents are the most important properties which will help through this hard situation.

But these situations really don’t need to be. Here’s what you can do to prevent those circumstances:

By accepting that there might be a family (that means without asking for example (!) Mike, Chester, Dave, and so on about their kids, wives and so on) you’ll give these guys the chance to let them grow up their kids in the real normal and natural way. This way will fruit. I hope (I don’t know these kids and I guess will never get to know them!) you will understand that. I swear no one of you wants that maybe Daves, maybe Mikes kids being susceptible to this class atmosphere.

I guess almost everyone grew up in a good and protecting family. Why do they don’t earn that? You love them, you adore their music, and some of you call them the writers of your life soundtrack – So give them a little love back. Don’t ask for their kids, families and other private duties. If they want to share it with you, I know they’ll do.

So my quest for you is: Let kids being kids because they are kids for such a short time.

Every child (indifferent from which household) earns a wonderful, free, unforced, peaceful, exciting, lovely, unforgotten, always remembering and unique childhood.

(c) Melanie M. aka MelMinerva

Please forgive me for writing so much and also forgive me for some grammar mistakes, I’m just a human ;-)

Again: I do not know any of their children. I’m not related to any of Linkin Park. I’m such a fan who grew up on Linkin Parks music (I was 13, when they I’m 25) and I’m enjoying every single melody of them.

Always remember: To help makes you happier than to hurt.