The Hardest Part Of Ending Is Starting Again

Django Unchained


DRINK when 

  • there is a flashback, or Django hallucinates his wife
  • anyone says “Nigger”
  • Schultz fixes his mustache
  • anyone speaks another language 
  • anyone dies (good luck in Candie Land!) 

Optional Rule: Finish your drink for “The D is silent.” 

Optional Rule #2: Finish your drink when Leonardo DiCaprio cuts his hand open (because he really did that AND stayed in character to finish the scene. If he can man up, so can you!).


For all Christoph Waltz fans

Today “3Sat” (German TV Channel) will air the 2nd part of Wahnfried (yesterday they’ve showed the first part and I’ve fucking missed it!).
Waltz in playing Friedrich Nietzsche there.
The movie is from 1986 and it’s German language (I don’t know if subtitles are selectable..but it’s Christoph maybe the pictures are enough to enjoy ;) )

Airing time: 21:45h / 9.45 pm